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Basement Apartment

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Basement Income or Independent living Potential

Your basement can easily become an “income suite” providing you with positive cash flow. You can also turn your basement into an “independent living suite” for friends or relatives.

If your home has a basement level, it may be worthwhile to consider how often you use it. Chances are you’ll find that your basement is being used primarily for storage. Consider instead putting your basement to work by converting it into an apartment. Converting your basement into an apartment can increase your home value.

Things to Review When Making a Basement Apartment

Make sure that the basement apartment has a dedicated exit. Regulations regarding basement apartment requirements vary between jurisdictions, but it is very common that two separate exits are required. Usually a window and door combination will suffice but two doors are optimum.

Basement with low ceilings, mold or moisture issues, cracks in the floor or foundation are common issues. Moisture and light are the main issues in design and construction.

Improve the sound and fire insulation between dwellings.

Layout of the apartment is critical allowing open space and living areas.

Low maintenance is important for rental units.