Dreams To Reality

Seven Steps to Renovating

STEP 1 – Organise Your Budget Establish what funds you have for your proposed building work. You may have to check your numbers with accountant or bank.  How much a financial institution will loan to you in the current market conditions. Generally the financier requires you to pay the contract deposit and a portion of the contract from your own cash.  The loan monies are used to pay out the contract as it is completed.

STEP 2 – Contact Aaron Design We will meet with you and discuss your requirements, the site and your budget. It is a good idea to involve all persons who might be involved in the decision making process with you at this first meeting.

STEP 3 – Preliminary Design Proposal We will put together the ideas discussed at our meeting and complete a preliminary scope of work.  It helps once you see something like this in its basic form, nothing is set in concrete here. Depending on the extent of work we may meet again to check you are happy with what we propose to do in this project.

STEP 4 – Preparation of our budget proposal and drawing estimate Based on the preliminary design we will put a budget proposal or estimate together and come back to you with a proposal based on our discussions. Our estimate will be subject to the final design drawings, govermental requirements and additional inclusions.

STEP 5 – Your acceptance  By signing the construction contract you will be instructing Aaron Design & Build to begin the drawings/sketches/details needed for construction. The contract includes the price to produce all drawings for permits. All specifications for the project is included.

STEP 6 – Preparation of the Construction Price After customer acceptance of drawings and approval for permit Aaron finalizes the total construction costs and the contract is adjusted accordingly.

STEP 7 – Final Acceptance, the Contract and Construction Your acceptance of the contract price means we will prepare the contract documentation, provide a start date, contract duration, receive local approvals and commence work. Throughout the contract we will regularly meet with you to ensure things are progressing satisfactorily.

This brief outline is intended to assist you with your decision making process, right from the start.  It is a process, and this process takes time.  The better prepared you are, the more likely you will succeed in your endeavors to work with your builder.  We want you to achieve yours goals, as much as we want to achieve ours.  Time and money will not be wasted if we are upfront with each other from the start.


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